Tools for Weight Loss and Inch Loss
Having the right tools and the instruction on how to use them can go a long way towards your success!

The LeptiTrim6 Accelerated tools are designed to answer questions as to "WHY" you haven't had long term success and to help you achieve the kind of body you are looking for.
Each tool can help you succeed by helping you take the necessary steps that maybe you haven't done in the past, things like:

  1. A health questionnaire that will help you to establish factors that can deter your success. Stress—a leading cause of cravings, overeating and thyroid malfunctions. Liver—a source for thyroid malfunctions. Yeast—a cause of thyroid and protein absorption malfunctions. Thyroid—the thermogenic or temperature control center for the body. Toxins—may promote a pH imbalance.
  2. A Weight Loss survey that can help you with your "WHY". This may be the most important thing for success.
  3. A Daily Time Log which can most certainly detail and show you when you need help the most.
  4. Measurement charts; for both women and men. You need to know where you started from in order to know where you are going.

We focus on a new term, "Inch-Loss", otherwise known as FAT LOSS! 
Print off the pdf forms below and track your progress!

Health Questionnaire

Weight Loss Survey

Daily Time Log

Measurement Charts-Female

Measurement Charts-Male

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